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Emma Aliya | Jennette Mccurdy | 16 | Sophmore | Open.

By first glance at Emma you would never think that she would hurt a fly, she looks like the sweetest girl in the world with her pearly white smile and adorable small frame but you would be wrong there. One of the many mean girls in Malibu, she loves to slice people with her words and brutally torture everybody. It’s her hobby. Of course her mother always taught her to be that way, break other people down in your way to get what you want and to boost yourself up. Growing up as a pageant girl and expected to be a complete perfectionist, causes her to be so cautious of her looks. She has to always have the best hair, the best figure, the best clothes, and the best makeup and if it isn’t she’ll go crazy. Or at least her mom will. Though everyone knows she’s a big bitch, they still try to get on her good side and become friends. Though she only has one friend, Mia. Though she’s the complete opposite of Emma she seems to always keep her calm.

Mia Terra

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